Yamaha XT 500 - 1977


The first time I almost purchased an XT 500 was in 2003 when I was transfered back to Dubai.  I kept looking for a chance to buy one and finally found one in my local town. IMG_0292.jpg

The XT was in bad shape and had not been running for 11 years.  However, once the plug were changed, the XT started.  It wasn't running well but it was running.  The carb was coughing, the suspension front and  back were out of order, the seat was ripped off, there was no electricity, There was a big dent in the tank, and many bolt were rusted.  But for once, I was able to drive it home.


As soon as I got there, I started to strip the bike into pieces.  First was the tank, the finders, and the side cover.  I took them directly to the paint room where I sand blasted them, fix and painted them.  I chose orange and black with silver stripe.  The orange selected was Peugeot Orange.



Then it was time to focus on the engine.  First and foremost was the carb that was dismantled into pieces, cleaned and old parts replaced.  Then the cylinder was taken apart, the piston checked and found in good condition, the bolts and nuts were replaced by new ones and everything painted with High temperature paint.


Then everything was put back together and ready to roll.

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