HD Shovelhead - 1978

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Sfhghjmytyyii 089Sfhghjmytyyii 090I was struggling to find a shovel at the right price and one night as I was navigating looking for hot rod, I got onto this add that said, trading motorcyle for Hot Rod and there it was.  Went to see it the next day, and the deal was closed.Khffghgh1

The S&S was ready for a shake down and a mock up.   At first sight, the engine is very dirty but in good condition.  there are no electric on it and lights are only there to please the cops.  The inside of the tank is rusted and the flange are from home depot.

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No bad surprise on the bike, so in my spare time and until I got plenty of it, I take away any inches on chrome.

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The bike is really dirty.   Akljfdhglfdkjgalkhflatest 014

and the Tube are in pretty bad shape. Akljfdhglfdkjgalkhflatest 013

But nothing stops Mr Miaggi.

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I bought myself a small mig machine and welded an extension to the kickstand which lay under the bike and was more or less impossible to reach.  The kind of things that really piss me off.


Then I look at the back fender which wasn't of the same diameter as the wheel.  Shovgg

The idea is to shorten the strut and bend the fender so it can slide on the tire.  I chopped some of the fender to make more flexible and it seems to work.

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I looked also at blocking the triple tree to avoid having the handle bar hitting the tank and build a small headlight holder. Fghhdfjdfjfjdfjdyyty 023

Considering the limited capacity of the tank, I decided to add one up and welded some bungs to hook it up.

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I think it will look ok when I finish. Fghhdfjdfjfjdfjdyyty 018

And I had to do a bit of work on the tank.

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which I position on few angle to see which one I liked best. Fghhdfjdfjfjdfjdyyty 009

And to get an initial idea, I put everything up... Shov

I had to fix the tank, so bought some body fill in and did the work.

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And decided to play with some design and actually try the Metal Flake paint I had bought over the internet.

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I played a bit with various colour and technique so I could be ready when I would make my f.  mind up.  The yellow flake on top of black under coat was my favorite. Nnnnnnnnnn 023

Then I chopped the exaust and wrap them in white heat tape.  It's useless but it looks good

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And need to find a way to hook up the tank on the hight bar.  I had some seat machism which I cut and weld together and then on the frame to make the mount.

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and same for the back seat, although I did not weld very well, so had to do it 3 times until I was satisfied. Fghhdfjdfjfjdfjdyyty 024

Then paint and back for final assemblySsssss

And paint for the last 2 things, the gas tank and Jhhjfhllkhffhiolgil 012

the back fender.  Jhhjfhllkhffhiolgil 013

While it drying start mounting everything up.  F.... the front tire don't fit, it's 110-90 and I think it only take 90-90.  They don't have the size in metzeler marathon.  Will figure something out. Jhhjfhllkhffhiolgil 006

Well lots more stuff to do, but back fender now finishedNew 003

tanks looks goodNew 1

Getting thereNew 004

and finished. Dsfdgdghsgh 018


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