Triumph Tiger Cub 125 - 1963

This is the only bike I have owned but never drove.  I got it to start once but it died immediatly.  I got this one as a basket case when I was minding around in the street of Karachi in Pakistan trying to buy a Vespa.  I spotted the dismantled triumph from the corner of my eye as I was waking buy and purchased it on the spot.  I asked Ali, my local friend,  to have it fixed, painted and shipped to Dubai with the Vespa.   When it arrived in Dubai it was not working but swore to fix it when time allowed.  Big mistake, as usual, time was not never on my side contrary to what Mick Jagger sings, and before I knew it, I was transfered to Oslo where import of bike is simply a nightmare.  There was this english man I knew who love the motorcycle.  It reminded him of is dad, or something like that.   So I gave it to him, hoping for a better life for my little cub.  tigercub.jpg

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