Suzuki 650 Djebel - 1990

When mono cylinder big trail bike came up on the market, late 70's with the emergence of the Dakar Rally, those bike became very popular in Europe.   The Yamaha Tenere and the Honda Africa Twin was the most popular ones.  Thought Iike both of them my favorite at the time was the 650 Djebel.  I swore to own one one day.  And it's exactly what happen.  I was living in Norway or Dubai at the time, don't really remember, but I fond one on ebay and purchased it over the net.  Stored at my wife best friend house and drove the h.. out of it the following summer.  When it was time to go back to work, I left the bike at a friends house, and since it was insured for one year told him to use it whenever he wanted it.  Which he did but without checking the engine oil till he fried the engine.  We took the bike apart, and sold the spares.  We managed to get enough money for a good meal.  I will own another one someday....djebel.jpg

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