K-750 M - 1964

Have always liked sidecar.  Don't know why but I like them.  The first time I almost bought one was in Dubai.  It was a Royal Enfield 500.  Our son was newly borned and my wife started enquiring how we were gonna ride with a new kid on the block.   So, I found this nice little add for a Royal Enfield side coming directly from the factory in India.   It belong to a Emirates Airline pilot who had brought it back from one of his trip.   But as you can imagine all the commands and even the side was on the wrong side of the road.  So when I took it for a test ride with my wife (who had just delivered) I did not manage it pretty well and we hit the curb a few times.  That was it.  Few years back I saw one in Shangai (Chang Jiang) which had been modified by a european and decided it was time to buy one.  I knew one guy from a sister company who was relocating to Oslo so I ask him to bring it back to Oslo within his container.  And so he did but fell in love with the side and decided to keep it.   Bummer, luckily, I found an old Russian Military side that must have been rebuilt one million time and did not let that opportunity go by. Dsc0127hhhh2 I drove for a few years, spent more time in the engine than on any other bikes and agreed with my wife to trade it in against another side.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will own one sometimes....I really enjoy that bike....I sold to some guy who was gonna abuse it in the forest of Central France.  What the heck, ain't that what bikes are for??? IMAGE_021.jpg

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