HD Shovel FLH - 1972

Phokjkkkto 1When I arrived in Houston, I immediatly looked for a shovel.  Ended up buying 2.  This one was picked up just outside Houston from a guy that is passionate about shovel.  He had built it for his son for thier journey to Sturgis.  This is what it looked like when I got it.  Llllagaagfadfg 005

The engine was is perfect condition so I only had to get rid of a few accessories and made it look the way I wanted. Jjkkjhvkjvggh 001

I drove it like this while I worked on my other chopper, and when I finished with that one, I moved on to this one.  I want to put it back as an original FLH but I need to find a second front end at reasonable price.  So while I wait, I decided to paint it the way Madam wants it, since the bike is for her.  Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 006

and back at playing karate kid and mr. Miaggi.

Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 005

Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 013

 primer and painting,

Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 012

Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 014

Kljgkjgffrrkiy679ihg 015

and after clear coat, time to remount. 

Jjjliiugytytttr 004

Phokjkkkto 1Phozxzxxzo voila !!!!!!

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