Honda ZB 50 - 1988

phot11o.jpgThere are time when one regret not to have a camera.  This is exactly the case.  When I bought my house, there was spare parts from what looked like a moped laying around the garden.  Nature had taken its course and it took me weeks to pick all the part up.  It turned out to be a Honda ZB 50cc from 1988, a collectors item in France.  Anyway, I soon realise that the lower engine was totally out of order and after founding an original one from Japan at a local motorccycle wreck yard, I started working on the frame and tanks, moteur-zb.jpgbefore re-doing the engine.  I change the pistons, the gasket, the segments, etc...

When I was more or less finished I put everything back together but some screw was missing behind the inginition and the engine oil ended up dripping on the floor.  I quickly fixed the problem with old screw but the bike kept misfiring.  I look at the plug and realize there was no spark at the plug.  I called the local Honda dealer who confirm that the lower engine I had purchased was not electronic contrary to the original ignition coil, so I order a bloody expensive ignition coil and the bike started. 

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