Honda CB 750 - 1976

latest-006-2.jpglatest-008-1.jpgFollowing the XS 500 project, I decided to redo a cafe Racer with a much stronger bike and engin.  While discussing the subject with my electrician he told me he had an old CB 750 sleeping in his garage and after some basic negotication the bike ended up in my workshop.


Although she was a bit beaten up, there was room for a nice project. 

So I started dismantling the Honda.  The first issue came with the tank, where 2 big and deep dents.  I took the tank to a specialist who confirm the tank was more or less dead.  So it looks like I will have to purchase one.   photo2.jpg

So I started surfing the net for restauration parts and it looks like it will cost approx 1000 usd to get the parts.   

So I decided to do everything myself.  To start with the front fork which had been badly painted by the former owner.  The idiot had painted the tubes on the triple tree, so it was a nightmare to pull them out.  070.jpg

When this was done, I gave both tubes a second chance in life.071.jpg


Then I painted the frame, the triple tree and everything else.  067.jpg

For the exhaust, it was also a nightmare but after days of work, I managed. The rust was so strong that I had to use a heavy work grinder.  059.jpg It felt like Karaté Kid with Mr. Miagi. Wax on Wax off  086.jpg

Same for the front brake caliper.  I wasn't sure of the original colour but I settled on sparking gold.  058.jpg 


same for the brake disk. 001.jpg

and finally the exhaust which was taken apart and put back together. 004.jpg

005.jpgMeanwhile, I had received the part that I had ordered such as the seats, the footped, the headlight cover, and Fab my neighboors had given me the passenger pegs of his honda 350 CB.  008.jpg

Picking up where I left off, I looked on to find the colour coding for the side cover.  But the more I thought about it the more I knew it would not work.  As such, the tank original paint was 35 years old already and although in real good shape, the colour would never be the same.  It would probably be smarter to find some at a swap meet or simply over the net.  So I decided to paint them in black and clear coat them instead.  It would still look nice on the bike I thought.  But first I had to fix one side which was cracked.  I used some "reparex" glue and powder and started sanding the covers. 02042013-003.jpg



Then I put everything back together to see what it could look like and I was satisfied.


Considering I had the bike on the bench and nothing to do until I got the missing spare part, I decided to work on the damage tank with the idea of doing an hybrid bike, meaning changing the tank and the seat in less then 5 minutes to have a stock bike on one hand and a brat style on the other 

02042013-013.jpg Not only did I have to fix the tank, I also have to find a way to fix the gas tank cap. This would be for later  02042013-018.jpg

In light of the deep dent I used some SintoFer to fill in and some regular fill before sanding and putting the primer.  02042013-027.jpg


Once it was done, I painted a small golden strip on the tank to separate the white and the candy red colour.      



While I waited to dry, I also gave a second life to the spokes which were pretty devastated. 02042013-031.jpgThen after few research on the net I finally found the colour code of Honda Motor Red Candy (C151ru) which I had it made at my favorite paint shop.  24h later I was using my new spray gun to spread first and second coat.  432013-001.jpg


EThen we take everything of to see the final result before clear coat.  Not bad...  432013-004.jpg

Then when everything is clear coated, the rest of the job is purely remounting everything and doing the normal maintenance work and trial out phase.   The bike started after only 1 kick.  Perfect... now ready for new project. latest-008-1.jpg


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