HD FLH Police - 1971

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 I found a very nice collector from 1971. It's a Police special, last model with hand change shift. The bike is 95% stock. He had been sitting in a garage for more than 25 years. The guy that owned got sick and kept it. Realising he will not ride again, he put it up for sale.

I turned my mind to the FLH. I brought it home

and tried to elaborate a plan on how and where to start. So I started by the handle bar to see if I could bring some shine out of the rust.

it turned out ok, so it got me excited and pumped some energy in my elbow. Then I move to the headlight, and it also worked

tried to grind the exaust, there it will be more difficult.

and finally the paint.

So after one or so hour, it looks like I will be able to bring most of the part back to life. Now I needed to start dismantling the bike and see if the rust had not caused to much damage.

So there will be some massive elbow grease required. Let the fun begin

 I went to check up on the wheell of the FLH who could not be grinded because they were to damage. So I had them sand blasted and painted in black. According to the historian, wheel and spoke came in chrome or black. So, I was still within the restauration guideline

And I carry on working on the FLH

  I spend some serious amount of time cleaning the engine and repainting it.

then I hid the engine and painted the frame

I seized the opportunity of going back to france to order some special painting cream for BBQ to paint the cylinder. The results turned out to be amazing. Check out the front cylinder

Result is great. And finally I changed all the oil hoses.

and before mounting everything back, I started to polish all the part to bring them back to life. First with 220 sanding paper, then 400, then 1000, and I applied some polishing cream.

the tank gave me some serious work and the result was not as I wanted it to be but it's the best I could do. see what it look like when I started

and how it turned out when I was finished

but all together I managed everything with some serious elbow oil.

Work more or less non stop over the week-end. So here are a few pics.

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