HD Dyna 1340 - 1996

 latestaa.jpgOne day may be I will write about building up my Dyna.  This bike is not my first but the one with whom I discover love.  Bit like your first girlfriend.  You might have split apart but you keep a special bond.   Well this one has followed me more or less everywhere.  At least to places where there wasn't an ocean to cross.  With her I went to Oman, Abu Dhabi, Scandinavia, Austria, Spain, Italy and others which I cannot remember.   Wherever life takes me, I always find a place for her, and pick her up when I come back.  

I have never done whole lot at one time, but many things over time.   Amongst other things, change of the width and rake on the front, boost up the back tyre to 200 which means changing from belt to chain and cutting the back fenders holds.  Engine wise, just the basic ingnition change to screaming eagle, Andrews cam, S&S carb and modified 2 in 1 supertrapp.  why don't you just watch the vids herebelow



Read the blog fm Feb/march 2012 fm the latest rebuild. and click herebelow to hear her speak

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