My Workshop


The history behind the name "Le repair d'El Vis" is one resulting from a rock'n roll discussion with my best mate and litres of a specific yellow liquid we consume without moderation in the south of France - Pastis.  My friend was arguing that my workshop was lacking identity and needed a name.  So we came up with "Repair d'El vis" because Repair sounds like Repère in French which means place, hence place of repair, El Vis stands for Elvis the King, and Vis means bolt in French but it also sounds like Vice which can be associated with Sex.  Therefore, covering bikes, sex and Rock n Roll.   This is the place I was renting out from Knut when he started is workshop.  03-21-08-056.jpgWhen I left norway I relocated in my workshop in south of France.   I looked for space to re-start my building activities but could not find any, so, I sold an old appartement and with the left-overs build the one and only "El Vis Repair".  I drafted the floor plan.


Destroyed what was left of the small garage next to my house


Build according to plan


And furnished the place as I imagined


And kept some space to welcome friends for cold refreshment.


And the opening



party.jpgBut 2 years later, I had the itch to move again.  Se I relocate to the US.  So we closed El Vis Repair and moved lock stock and barrel to Houston.   Where I started working out of the corner of the garage of the rented villa we live in.

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 Few month after moving to Texas, we found a place to buy with a very small garage that I remodeled to become the 4th El Vis Repair.

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