BMW R80 RT - 1986

photo41.jpgphoto42.jpgphoto44.jpgI purchased this flattwin to build a scrambler. This was a modified military bike put street legal by previous owner.  The bike is a 86 R80RT.  Not very much like as a bike by the general public for the look but the engine is probably the most reputable engine ever build.  img-0613.jpgSo I started with dismantling the body and trying out two identical East European tyres both mounted on 120.img-0692-1.jpg

Not bad, then I started with building number plate.  iphonepics-007.jpg



Next step was the handle bar and headlight protection.  img-0729.jpg




After that I worked on the back fender.   img-0741.jpg

img-0742.jpgI was not really satisfied so I extended it a bit.   img-0865.jpgThen I build the exhaust pipes.  img-0852.jpg


img-0861.jpgFor the front fender I cut it from an old XS 500 that was lying around my garage.    iphonepics-038.jpgEThen I started working on the rim, which I grind, primed and then painted in black.  iphonepics-043.jpgAll was going well but I stille wasn't sure of the colour.  So I bought a few spray can and painted the bike in various colour.  Blue looked to be the best.    iphonepics-048.jpgASo after cleaning the engine with some special product that make the engine looked like it had been grinded.  Once this was done, I started welding the exhaust all together.    iphonepics-065.jpgThen the usual bad welding hide...  exhaust.jpgJeThen the heat protection.  To do this I stole the ashtray fence from my work with I molded and welded some fixing pieces.   phot20o.jpg

photo12.jpgjI took out the indicator from the headlight (I will fix them on the handle bar) I move the headlight inward and install the ignition key on the side.  phot18o.jpgAfter that I fabricated a piece to hide the hole made by the air filter, and made sure to leave a hole for the breather.   air-filter.jpgWhich I painted black and install a breather taken from a honda 70CC  phot217o.jpgVuConsidering I was happy with the light blue, I surfed the net to find the color coding.  The one from Porsche was the best one, so I went to my favorite shop to have it made.   phot17o.jpgMBut before painting anything I had to fix some small dent and apply primer everywhere.  iphonepics-039.jpgtank.jpg

Then I had access to a painting cabin for 2 days so no mistake allowed. I started with the dark blue.  photo216.jpg.phot39o-1.jpgthen the orange.  photo47.jpgThen we reverse order.  photo36.jpgThen the side plates.  photo214.jpgAnd painting in light blue before clear coating everything.  phot34o.jpg Then I painted some other parts before getting some the fenders from clear coating and the tyres on the rim. phot218o.jpgThen I started mounting everything back together.   photo31.jpg

And finally the final touch.






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