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Happy new year 2018. 

But before I get into 2018, I forgot to mention in my previous post that end of last year, I managed to take my first Jungle ride in Malaysia.  I had a biz trip in Singapore and Gareth hooked me up with some of his Aussies pal to go riding.  We went to a place called Ulu Choh, it was a blast thought I did suffer.

Img 7114 2

Img 7116 2had rented a 6 days wide ratio and it made a very good impression on me. 

Img 7113 2Img 7112 2

Anyway back to 2018.   It's chaos.  Just got transferred to

Yeah, that's right.   F.... England.   So, I have decided that I will leave in East London in Brick Lane/Shoreditch area for those who knows.  And have become a Cockney Reject who hangs out at the Biker Shed.   A f.... Hipster paradise !!!!!!!!  am tolerant but there are limits....where has the real biker lifestyle gone...

Now that has been said, I will return periodically to Houston where I have kept my house, my wife, my dogs, and my bikes....

Problem is, I won't have much time to work on them.  Bummer.....
Well, such is life and we all gotta eat.

So, what has happened in my life since last posting.   Well not much,  the XT 500, 1979 runs like a charm and I get my ass on it every time I have the chance.   I sometimes rotate with my shovel.  In reality it looks like that.  If its within city limit I ride the XT, if it's decent ride I take the shovel.

Both work great.   The XT bit difficult to start but am back into shape now, so can kick it without running out of breath.

My RV is still fucking up with the ignition, so I need to find the time to work on it, cause I got 2 project in the making.  

First the 1977 XT, which I have taken apart.

but the engine was a piece of work

Img 7111 2

but with patience I managed to bring it back to life. 

So now I have a lot of polishing, sanding, and painting to do before rebuilding everything. 

And as luck would have it.  Reagan finish my Triumph engine, so its ready to be mounted back.

So, those are the 2 projects that should run me through 2018, if I find the time and the space to work.  Cause at the moment am out of space in my garage.  So will have to get rid of few bikes to carry on working. 

Otherwise, not much happening when its not raining in Houston.  Bit of road riding with the KTM

And after 4 years of absence, the Energy Monster Supercross came back to Houston so I went to see my idol, Ken Rocksen.   He is still shaking fm his accident last year and don't ride as crazy and he used to.


One other things, I did follow the Dakar this year, and there is a documentary that I recommend to every one, it's called "Dream Racers".  It's brilliant. 

And this month update from Kaien's Disciples

Here we go again for another year.   As usual, have been pretty sluggish in updating the site.   But that's life, get used to it. 

So as usual, some pics, followed by some bikes, followed by some chicks on bike, follow by celebrities on or not on bike. 

 Brick Lane, street art London

 I am gonna make one for myself

 So true

pics selection









Birds and bike









and some stars and bikes




and a last one to finish
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