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Well 2017 started ok.   I took some time off and got a new job.   It might take some of my time away from bikes but, it does pay the bill.    So, we left off when I more or less finished the rebuild the Triumph engine.  As usual, I took it to Ace to conduct final check on my useless work, and to set the ignition, and to do a dry run.  At Ace, I met a new guy there name Riaz who will ultimately be the one doing the work on the triumph.  A kool guy that introduce me to "blip motorcycle" some sort of coop workshop pretty cool.

After taking my engine to be checked, I realized, as I was tidying this up, that my triumph tank had suffered a little dent on the side, so I sand the area and fix it .

and finished.  The tank is now ready for painting.  Just need to find the right color.  I am thinking turquoise and yellow but have not made up my mind yet.

Then it was time to move back to the CT70.  It was time to re do the engine.

Check the primary socket: Pretty worn out ain't it.  The previous owner must have seriously done some damage.

I don't know when was the last time this bike was on the road but the bloody gasket are melted on the cylinder.  


Well, looks like the carb will also need some serious upgrade.   A repair kit cost 20$ when a new carb cost 30$, so I will spare the pain and replace it.

Then I remove the piston to notice the rings were broken, which entails new ring.



The cost of a new piston and rings been more or less the same price of a new one, I decided to order a fresh new piston.  Strangely enough the new piston is shorter than the original one.  Will see later if that has any impact on the performance

I was itching for a ride, as I had been away for the holidays, so I took a weekend break to head over to the Yankees Tavern Ice House to attend a Chili cook off and vote for the best one. 

and as usual this trip was not gonna turn out ok.  



One spoke from the back wheel broke and went inside the tube, and as I was loosing control of the bike, the clutch cable gave up on me.  Another afternoon, full of event.   Luckily some blokes stopped by and gave me the phone number of a local towing guy that took me and the bike back to Houston.

Should really get roadside assistance on my insurance.  Anyway, I took the wheel off as soon as I got home and figured it was a good time to repaint the chopper.

And so I blasted.  Must have been 5 layers of paint. 


but got the hang of it and sanded to bare metal

And then primer and paint and start with the new look.

I wanted a tribute to Operation Ivy, a famous ska/punk band I liked when I was younger. 

And did a bit of art.  well I think it is at least



And then I remounted everything, and when I was about to start it I broke the throttle cable.  Anyway, it looks good

While I was awaiting for my throttle cable, I worked on the little ZB50.  I took it apart, cleaned everything, changed the petcoke and consumable and kick started.  As luck would have it, the throttle cable gave up on me, but it does work so am happy with that considering it was given to me. 

And I finally remounted the engine of the CT70.  

And did a mock up while am waiting to receive the wiring harness and few other bits and pieces. 

Then I headed up to 713 Tatoo shop where Showclass magazine was launching the release of their latest edition.   Met few kool dudes there.  A pretty nice party though I had to leave early.

burger and beers were good in spite of the shitty weather.

And as luck would have it, I had a short on my XS just as I arrived at Blip.   After, taking few things apart, I realize the whole wiring system will have to be redone.  Bummer.....

Well, that's all for now folks.  Up coming event will be Giddy up in New Braunsfeld, the Handbuild in Austin and the Moto GP end of April.   

Well, not much happen since last time.   I did go to Giddy Up with my friend Jean-Louis.   Due to schedule clashes, could only stay one day as opposed to the original 3 days planed.  That's life.   Same set up as before, don't change something that work.   Next year, I will stay over 3 days and really enjoy the show.  I will spare you the pics which are more or less the same as last year.  Not much change in the style. 

Then I went to the Handbuilt, and same thing as Giddy up.  It used to be "whoa" now it's "ok".   As usual I stopped at my favorite vintage car shop. 

And there I found a nice little pick up truck which I could easily see me in. 

Unfortunately, I don't have the place, the time, nor the money to acquire it.

After a quick stop at the MotoGP, I headed towards the Handbuilt.

Ducati was showing their new Scrambler which I did like very much.   It's new the new XT 500.

There was still some good things at the handbuilt although I felt it lost a bit of its essence by having the show sponsored by Moto Guzzi :

My favorite this year was a airhead.   Lots of little innovations.

On the home front, I finished the CT70, and due to lack of space, I dismantled it and put it into boxes for later use.
then I realize the RV 125 was leaking.  At first, I thought it was the cam seal, but after consulting with Reagan I think the carb overfloaded and I will have to burn the extra gas out of the engine and change the carb. 
And to finish this update, I sold my 200 KTM and replaced it by a 1974 TY 250.

Well, well, well.  Dunno what to tell you??  Guess professional life has taken over my personal life.   Have been travelling consistently for the last 6 months which has taken a big chunk of my hobby. 

So much in fact, I had to check on the internet to find out when was the last time I updated the blog. 

Bloody frightening if you think of it.  
Not a single word since may, and it’s already November.   That’s like 6 months.   You suppose to work little to enjoy life a lot, not the other way around.     
So, let’s try to recap what has happened since may.  Last thing that was posted is the purchase of the TY250.    I really like to the look of this bike, a nice neighborhood get around bike as well as a "supposedly" nasty little beast on the trial obstacles. 


I took it out once to the track but I was busy doing some motocross so I let my son and his friend use it.   As you can imagine, they managed to f.. it up.  Don’t ask me how but it just did not start anymore.   I took it home, stored it for few months till I had the time to check it out.  As it turns out, there was something in the petchoke and gasoline wasn’t reaching the carb.  Cleaned it up, and it started right up.   Problem is, I have not used it since then.  
I should really allow myself sometimes to hit the trial’s track at Rio Bravo and see what’s possible to achieve with this famous 250. 
Considering I did not have much time to build things, I spent the few hours I had on the track trying to improve my offroad skills.   But I suck at it !!!!  I don't care, I just love it and it makes me realize am damn out of shape.
But one things happen after the summer break.  I was saved by the god of motorcycles lover and procrastination.   Let me explain.  Due to the lack of space in my house, I store my bikes at a friend of mine living nearby.   Considering I did not have much time for building this summer, I kept them at my house, just taking turn in riding them.  
I could have taken them to his house when I returned from vacation but was simply to lazy.   On last weekend of August, Harvey stroke Houston.   This pics is 1/4 miles fm my house. 
My friend's house was under 4-5 foot of water, while mine was miraculously saved.
Approx. 4 inch of water came into the garage but not enough to mess with the bikes.  
I took it as a sign, and immediately, started working on the RV 125 that need condenser replacement and points alignment. 
Then I took the XT 500 that had been sitting in storage for slightly over one year and decided it was time to bring her back to life. 
This bike was under the sole ownership of one guy from 1979 till last year when at 62 years old he realized kick starting a motorcycle and more specifically a XT 500 was no longer in his plan.  He loved that motorcycle and I promised him to take good care of it.  
The bike was no longer starting, it needed some serious TLC.   Judging from my previous experience with XT 500, I decided there was no point bringing the old carb back to life.   I would rather buy a Mikuni TM 36 Performance which will give the bike a second life.   So, I started taking the bike apart.
I took the bottom oil case out to look at potential internal engine damage and found few abnormalities.
but none that require the case to be opened
looks like some of the gearbox are missing some teeth.   Hopefully the test ride will show it. 
Then I stopped working on it for few weeks cause I had to go to the middle east for 2 weeks work.  While I was there, I hooked up with a friend who had given me some insight to do some desert riding over the weekend.  
A f.... blast.
Then I went back to the XT.  The frame need to be grinded and repainted, so did the front and back fender. 
I also had to weld the kickstand which had loss all its use.
And after doing of the liquid change, and the necessary adjustment, she exploded in joy.
She rides beautifully.  I just love the XT 500, there are the mother of modern motorcycles.   I love them so much that I have decided to know everything about this engine. 
Luckily for me I found one XT at a very good price without the tank,
but after some ebay research I found one from same year with same color.  
Is life beautiful ???  For less that 700usd I have a completed XT that waits for rejuvenation. 
One other thing worth mentioning.   When I left to the US, I kept my Dyna and the Sports of the secretary of state in storage.   Thru a basic conversation this summer a friend of mine mentioned that he was interested in buying the new 48 cause it was small and low enough for him.   I immediately offer mine, if he was interested.  
Being the owner of a auto mechanic shop, I have no doubt on his capacity to give some life back to both back.  So during one of my European trip, I stopped in Sausset to take them out of storage and drop them at his garage.

As for the Triumph, I am still waiting for Reagan at Ace to finish the engine rebuild and do the dry run before I can start the rebuilding


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