Jan - May 2019

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2019 here we come....
Had a off road incident in Brune Mills Texas that resulted in 2 months of not doing f.all...

As I was about to cross an fairly easy obstacle, my leg got stuck under tree root while bike kept going leaving my growing and right leg stranded behind.   Am laughing now but it was so painful that I drove straight to the ER.    
So, not much activity to speak for.  Although, worth to mention that I spend 4 days in France, to work on my bike and get her ready for this summer ride.   I shorten the handle bar and had to redo all the wiring
Then I changed the footpeg, removed the side plate and installed a Custom made Texas Style plate on the rear fender, and changed the headlight and rear lights. 
Finally I chaged the rear suspension and the front break caliper.
Here is how it looks and sound
Next job is to change front spring to Progressive spring to have better front control and if finance allow, go to PM rear caliper.  
 I did manage to fly back to the US for one week and used that opportunity to go the F1 motoGP and attend the Handbuilt.   I like the Handbuild better this year then I did last year.    Here are my 3 favorite pics for this year.   
I also attended the MotoGP at Circuit Of The America.   As usual, it was Marquez but contrary to previous year he lost the front wheel.   Got me exited to see Rossi win but he lost lead in the last lap.  
 But one of the best thing that happen over the weekend was the discovery of a HD salvage yard, next to the circuit.   A paradise of a thing....
They got spares for everything.... I could have spent the whole day there just going through boxes...But had to have a good Texas Style Pull Pork Sandwich instead.  Will come back
I took a quick ride with the miss to La Grange to keep the chopper alive.
 And headed back to Europe.   When I got to England, I realized I had to fly to Gibraltar the following week for work.   And as luck would have it, it was the same time for the Spanish MotoGP in Jerez which happen to be 1,5hrs away from Gibraltar.  
So, here it go again, rented a F800 from Malaga Airport, headed to Gibraltar and then to Jerez
One last thing.   Do you remember the Triumph Scrambler I built about one year back which was a hybrid between a Triumph Tr6 1964 and Yamaha MX 370.  
I had built the mock up but cause I moved more or less to UK, I sold it to a british guys.   Well, it tore my project apart and built this little beauty. 
That's all for this update lads´╗┐


I realize I have neglected my fellow disciples for a while.   Well, that's life.... get used to it.  So carrying on from last time, starts with some random shite, followed by bikes stuff, bikes of the months, follow by some ladies.

 That one really made me laugh....

And some products that am kinda fond of ...
Some bikes.
And here is one beautiful paint tank
And finally some birds,


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