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Hi everyone,

My name is D. Asoratnof.  I started this site in 2008 in Oslo, Norway with the sole purpose of occupying my lonely scandinavian nights and share some of the pains and rewards of working on motorcycles.  I have no mecanical education and no experience.   Everything is the result of trial and errors.  After moving around the globe more or less all my life, from south of France, to US, to Caribean, to Middle East, to Scandinavia, I presently reside in Houston Texas.  I work out of my garage which has inherited the name of "ElVis' Repair".  I am a member of "The Kaien's Disciples", a brotherhood of wicked rebels where apart from being the president, I am also the sole member.


This site is for my own pleasure to track what I do, but mostly to occupy my time when I am not in my workshop or when am bored at work.  I dedicated it to the real builder, the ones who do it by passion and not for fame.  As for me, I am just trying, and having fun. Kiyutrryuiii 031

Useless Xpat Cycles covers 3 themes : sex, bikes and rock'n roll.  On this site, I will primary focus on building or customizing bikes.

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Some times I will speak about music and more specifically about Rock' n Roll, as for sex I will leave your imagination stimulated the few brain cell that keeps you operating. Dsfdgdghsgh 011

On the left you will find links to the bikes I owned or have modified on the right some personnal info, and some random shite.  On the top, some pics and my blog on top of this page or on (https://uxpatc.blogspot.com/) which I try to update every month.  You can follow me on twitter @uxpatc although I don't post much and same goes for FB.  If you wish to leave comments, I will do my best to answer them.  Good reading and

Rock 'on...........  Dirlligaf Asoratnof.........................


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